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Beard Oil - Seasoned Gentleman

Official Description
If we had to be professional about it, we would say that our Beard Oil is made from various natural oils, including coconut, jojoba, and avocado. It's topped off with great fragrances of fine oak wood, a hint lavender, and geranium. It is noted to make one fine masculine man scent.

Our Description
Now, if we're watching the game and sharing a beer, we'd describe it as THE MUST HAVE OIL for the arsenal. This oil will establish you as the Alpha of The Bearded Pack. Seasoned Gentlemen Beard Oil is like the beer to your hot wings, the gas to your car, or the sexy arm candy to date night. In other words, IT'S A MUST HAVE. It's definitely the go to oil to wear when you and the 1st Lady throw on your finest threads to step out for a night on the town.

All of our products are made with love from start to finish. We will never bottle up crap. We carefully select our natural ingredients and blend them by hand. If we don't love it, we WILL NEVER sell it, so trust us when we say we LOVE our products and we believe you will too. Give it a try today.


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