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Way back in 2018 (that’s like a long time ago), a Marine Vet brothers Gary Mobley and Tyran Cosby were contemplating what was next and what was possible as they looked forward to re-entering civilian life. They were passionate about a lot of the same things: they both loved motorcycles, outdoor life and their beards - just to name a few things.While brainstorming ideas, the one that stood out was developing a product designed to help bearded men grow and maintain their beards. They had both for years used various off-the-shelf products with the hopes of finding one or a combination of a few that helped them with their desire to maintain and grow their beautiful beards. Unfortunately, nothing they used did the job.

Life Behind the Beard

Shrouded in secrecy and operating in kitchen-lab-stealth mode, the brothers came up with their first secret formula and named it ohh so appropriately as "Beard Seasoning". Once presented to the market, Beard Seasoning sold well and confirmed that there was a demand for this type of product.In 2019, with the success of the main product powering their business, the brothers decided to develop other Life Behind The Beard products that align with the brand's Beard Life focus. They added T-Shirts and Maple Whisky wrapped Cigars to their product list, and they have a few more things cooking in the kitchen at the moment. Stay tuned for what’s up next from LBTB and thank you for your support!

- The Brothers