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Lioness Hair Oil for Women

Official Description:

Our Lioness Hair Oil is packed with eight natural oils that keeps your hair hydrated, shiny, and super silky without leaving your hair feeling greasy. This oil is like a healthy buffet for your hair and scalp. 

Our Description:

Other hair oils typically contain only one or two oils that are too heavy, and overpowering. We blended together eight powerhouse oils (Grapeseed, Rice Bran, and Blackseed Oils to name a few) to make this very lightweight oil with its own personality that can be enjoyed by everyone. This oil is great for natural hair!

All of our products are made with love from start to finish. We will never bottle up crap. We carefully select our natural ingredients and blend them by hand. If we don't love it, we WILL NEVER sell it, so trust us when we say we LOVE our products and we believe you will too. Give it a try. 

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